Four legs of the Hodgson Relay route made into one continuous high-level circuit. We call it ‘The Hodgson Skyline’. Depending on your measuring device, it’s about 28km with 1950m ascent (17 miles / 6400 ft). In fell running speak it’s definitely a decent long run!

This is an informal challenge route, for which we will keep a rough record of who has completed the route. There are minimal rules, no prizes, no gongs, no mugs, no certificates, no ‘FKT’s’ and no published GPS routes (well not by us anyway). It’s for the love of fell-running and an excuse to spend some time in the hills with some friends over a cracking route.

In keeping with the ethos of the race itself, try and do the route as a pair, or in a very small group to minimise the impact on the local environment. Send your name and total/elapsed time by e-mail to or by text to Chris at 07811 199125. We don’t need any evidence, your word will do.

Equally we ask you not to use GPS (unless in an emergency), or if you do then please do not submit your time to us. The relay race itself is, and always will be, a test of navigation as well as speed of running, so use this as an opportunity to improve your navigation and recce lines for the race.

Hodgson 4 route map

If you need a map, you can buy one here from Pete Bland Sports which already has the Checkpoints marked on. There are no valley checkpoints, other than the Start / Finish, and the top of Kirkstone Pass (which is on your route anyway). Instead the route follows the highest line possible by picking up each of the following checkpoints:

  • Start/Finish: the race start field at Patterdale King George V Playing Fields. NY 389 160
  • Angle Tarn Peninsula NY417 144
  • High Street NY 440 110
  • Caudale Moor Tarn (south) NY 414 100
  • Raven’s Crag cairn NY 405 081
  • Kirkstone Pass car Park NY 401 081
  • Red Screes Tarn (ne) NY 396 087
  • Pile of Stones NY 372 109
  • Hart Crag NY 367 112
  • St. Sunday Crag NY 368 134
  • Thornhow End stile NY 384 152
  • Finish NY 389 160

For car parking, please use the parking at the usual Start / Finish Field where you can park for a small charge that goes towards the new Cricket Pavilion that we use for the race. Please DO NOT park outside the Church or the entrance to Side Farm / George Starkey Hut.

If you have enjoyed your day out (or even if you grovelled your way around), please consider making a £5/person donation (or whatever you can afford) to Fix The Fells who help maintain the mountain paths we use for this route. Some sections pass over, or close to, SSSI areas, so if we use the land for our enjoyment we can help by putting a little back into protecting it too.

Current list of completed times (lone runners not included, the event was created for 2+ runners)

June 2020Matt Reedy, Shane Ohly, Ben Abdelnoor & Charlie Sproson4 hrs 08 mins 43 secs
Sept 2020Dan Duxbury & Ben Abdelnoor3 hrs 55 mins 40 secs
Sept 2020Rob Harper & Rich Stevens4 hrs 54 mins
October 2020Debbie Copley, John Leech, Graham Beaumont, Steve Jeffs & Jenny Lyon6 hrs 05 mins
October 2020Tyron Lewis, Andy Bryan, Scott Boswell, & Neil Stevens5 hrs 27 mins
November 2020Chris Hodgson & Ben Abdelnoor (again!)5 hrs 29 mins 59 secs
January 2021Steve & Rowan Ashworth (aged 13)5 hrs 09 mins
April 2021Tom Brunt & Bill Stewart3 hrs 52 mins 30 secs
August 2021Tanya Sheperd, Sally Hicks, Amanda Seims, Craig Gummerson & Tom Lynch7 hrs 03 mins 53 secs
October 2021Patrick Wardle & Gavin Smith4 hrs 46 mins
May 2022Al & Em Shawcross5 hrs 24 mins
June 2022Mark Burley & Joe Pickard3 hrs 33 mins 32 secs (record)
Sept 2022Phil Hoyes & Andy Lewis5 hrs 26 mins 16 secs
March 2023Hugh Chatfield, Simon Barnett, Matthew Wade, Ross Langley, Richard Bedlow, Claire Shelley4 hrs 51 mins
March 2024Jim Bacon, Ryan Campbell, Eva Lee, Jonathan Pinkse, Greg Sykes6 hrs 0 mins