Car parking is still a major issue and we are very dependent upon the goodwill of Kirkstone Inn, Sykeside Camping Park and the Weirs at Hartsop for the continuation of the Event.

All Teams are asked to car share as much as possible. We will not be charging for car-parking at all unless you turn up in a single occupancy car, which will be charged a parking fee of £10, clamped or blown up! Please follow the instructions given re parking particularly at Kirkstone and Sykeside. The future of the Relay depends on us all taking responsibility.

Start / Finish: car-parking is available for all Runners and Spectators free of charge at the King Goerge V Playing Fields in Patterdale which permits all day parking. We have increased the race Entry Fee to help cover all Playing Field costs and save us time in collecting fees on the day. There is no Relay parking by Patterdale Church (there is usually a Church service taking place), Patterdale School or anywhere on the road through Patterdale. Please just don’t even think about it!!

Toilets are readily available at the Start/Finish.

Hartsop (Legs 1-2 Changeover): is free in the field as usual and you will be directed from the main road. Parking is limited and we ask that only 2 cars per Club are taken here. It is less than 5 mins walk to the changeover at the sheep pens. We have had problems with Camper-vans parking at Hartsop: please park as directed by the marshals.

Portaloos are available at the Sheep-pens at Hartsop changeover.

Parking at Kirkstone (legs 2-3 Changeover) is severely restricted and particularly sensitive. Car parking will be managed at Kirkstone with most space being reserved for the Kirkstone Inns’ patrons. Parking permits for Kirkstone – to be displayed on car dashboard – will be issued at Registration. Cars without a permit will not be allowed to park at Kirkstone. If the car park is full you will be asked to drop leg 3 runners off and return to Patterdale. (There is some parking at Red Pit car park, 800m down the road towards Brotherswater). There is NO roadside parking at Kirkstone – please don’t try!

Portaloos are available at the Kirkstone car park (NOT the Kirkstone Inn).

Parking at Sykeside (Legs 3-4 Changeover) will also be managed. Parking permits for Sykeside will also be issued at Registration. Access to the parking at Sykeside is by the top entrance (Kirkstone side) to the site. Please park as directed. If the parking is full you will be asked to drop leg 4 runners off and return to Patterdale. Do not park on the car park by the Brotherswater Inn – it is for the use of the pub’s lunchtime patrons and we have not paid for its use. There is absolutely no road side parking by the Brotherwater Inn – don’t even try. It is only about 15 mins jog from Hartsop to Sykeside takeover along the west shore of Brotherswater.

Portaloos are available at the Hartsop Hall changeover (not the campsite or the land around Hartsop Hall)

Please drive safely between takeovers. If running to a takeover or between takeovers, please keep to public footpaths in the valley bottom and do not take short-cuts across open land, it might be privately owned.