This page gives you the checkpoints for each leg which represent the places that you must use the ‘dibber’ to prove you have visited them. They will also record your time to give detailed splits for each Leg. Both runners MUST visit each checkpoint or you will be disqualified, and some checkpoints are manned.

For the avoidance of all doubt, this race is run over challenging fell running terrain. The first leg is the least difficult but still qualifies as an ‘A’ category fell race. All legs require previous fell running experience and Navigation skills (please note that the use of GPS is not permitted in this race).

We would also ask that you keep recce runs to as few as is necessary, and don’t take more runners than you need around the route. Several sections pass through areas of Special Scientific Interest, and we all have a responsibility to protect the landscape that we use for our enjoyment. We make an annual donation to Fix the Fells to help with their work on maintaining mountain paths.

There is now a specially prepared waterproof Harveys map available from Pete Bland Sports, you are strongly recommended to buy one (a reminder that each pair must carry a map for their leg and maps cannot be handed on to other pairs).

HBMR Harvey Map from Pete Bland Sports

Leg 1: Patterdale to Hartsop 6.7 km / 440 m (category AS / ER / LK / NS)

Runners must pass through the farmyard at Side Farm and stick to the track. Teams cutting across the field will be disqualified. Please DO NOT use the track or fields at Side Farm as a toilet!


  • △ Start NY 389 160
  • ○ Angle Tarn peninsula NY 417 144
  • ○ Path/stream junction NY 421 130
  • ◎ Finish NY 410 129


  • M : 33:14 Mark Roberts/Andrew Schofield (Borrowdale) , 1999
  • F : 41:21 Kate Maltby / Lizzie Browne (Black Combe) , 2022
  • V : 37:01 Steve Varney/Billy Proctor (Kendal) , 1997

Leg 2: Hartstop to Kirkstone 11 km / 890 m (category AM / ER / LK / NS)

The route from the last checkpoint at Raven’s Crag to Kirkstone is flagged and mandatory.

In adverse conditions there will be an alternative route avoiding High Street summit. Details will be provided at Registration and Takeover as necessary.

Any 2nd leg teams which have not taken over by 10.10 hrs will set off in a mass start.

Toilets – portaloos provided at Hartsop sheep pens and Kirkstone car park.


  • △ Start Hartsop Sheep Pens NY 410 129
  • ○ High Street NY 440 110
  • ○ Caudale Moor Tarn (south) NY 414 100
  • ○ Raven’s Crag cairn NY 405 081
  • ◎ Finish NY 401 081


  • M : 1:00:14 Ben Bardsley/Jim Davies (Borrowdale) , 1999
  • F : 1:15:32 Louise Roberts/Angela Brand-Barker (Keswick) , 2003
  • V: 1:08:02 Dave Houlsworth/Mick Walsh (Kendal) , 1998

Leg 3: Kirkstone to Hartsop Hall 7.5 km / 570 m (category AS / ER / LK / NS)

Descend to changeover at Hartsop Hall barn (track junction) on main path down Dovedale – ignore Leg 4 runners climbing up on the opposite side of Dovedale Beck. This route is outgoing for Leg 4 only and is longer anyway! There are no flags on your descent route.

Parking for Leg 4 runners is at Sykeside Caravan Park by permit only – your return car should be found there.

Any 3rd leg teams which have not taken over by 11.50 hrs will be set off in a mass start.

Toilets – portaloo at north end of Kirkstone car park and also at Hartsop Hall. There are NO relay Toilets at Sykeside campsite


  • △ Start NY 401 081
  • ○ Red Screes tarn (ne) NY 396 087
  • ○ Pile of Stones NY 372 109
  • ◎ Finish NY 397 119

Records (N.B all these Leg 3 records are to Sykeside campsite which is approx 90 secs longer than current route).

  • M : 46:21 Colin Valentine/Nigel Lanaghan (Keswick) , 1989
  • F : 57:06 Angela Brand-Barker/Louise Roberts (Keswick) , 1998
  • V: 52:50 Chris Speight/Andy Beck (Kendal) , 1998

Leg 4: Hartsop Hall to Patterdale 11 km / 900 m (category AM / ER / LK / NS)

The route from Hartsop Hall goes along the track in Dovedale to the footbridge at 389113 and climbs the footpath alongside Dovedale Beck to the footbridge at 382116. The route from Checkpoint 4 to the finish will be flagged on the day. Runners reconnoitring must use recognised footpaths and ensure all gates are closed, especially on Hartsop Hall land.

In adverse conditions there will be an alternative route avoiding St.Sunday Crag. Details will be provided at Registration if necessary.

Any 4th leg runners who have not taken over by 13.10 hrs. will be started in a mass start.

Important! There is a cut-off time on Leg 4 at Hart Crag summit. Any team not arriving at this checkpoint by 14.10hrs will be withdrawn from the race and will be instructed to return to Brotherswater. They will be able to descend with the summit Marshal’s if necessary. This change has been introduced for the safety of Marshal’s further along the race route.

Toilets – Portaloos at barn near Hartsop Hall changeover. There are NO Relay Toilets at Sykeside campsite.


  • △ Start NY 397 119
  • ○ Footbridge, Dovedale NY 388 114
  • ○ Hart Crag NY 367 112
  • ○ St. Sunday Crag NY 368 134
  • ○ Thornhow End stile NY 384 152
  • ◎ Finish NY 389 160

Records (N.B route has changed slightly but is comparable in time)

  • M : 1:03:42 Gavin Bland/Jim Davies (Borrowdale) , 1997
  • F : 1:19:36 Sharon Taylor/Kelli Roberts (Helm Hill) , 2018
  • V: 1:09:33 Graham Schofield/Steve Jackson (Horwich) , 1997