The race will start at 09:30. There will then be a cut-off time for late arrivals at each of the legs with a Mass Start roughly at the following times (times may vary slightly depending on race conditions)

Leg 2 Start Hartsop 10:25 am
Leg 3 Start Kirkstone 12:05 pm
Leg 4 Start Hartsop Hall 13:25 pm (cut-off at Hart Crag 14.25 pm or +1 hour on mass start time if it is different to 13.25pm)

At each Mass Start each Team will be given a new dibber which becomes their new ‘baton’. This dibber will need to be ‘dibbed’ at the start to ensure your leg time is properly recorded. The Checkpoint Marshalls will be on-hand to distribute these and make sure you do the right things at the right time.