Entries will be sent out to last year’s teams on 1st July every year. The closing date for entries is Friday 4th August 2017 and it’s a simple rule we follow which is No entry = no place in the race. Due to the significant over-subscription of entries we will not be allowing clubs to ‘hold’ places this year…… so get your entries in on time. You have been warned!

For those wanting to enter for the first time or who do not receive an Entry Form, you can use this copy here. Entries are restricted to a fixed number of teams and we make no apology that there is a certain amount of vetting and Club selection if we exceed the maximum number of entries allowed (which has happened every year). New clubs should not try to enter more than one team as you will not be successful, but we do try and take at least one or two new clubs every year.

HBMR entry form 2017

Please send this Entry Form back to:

Chris Hodgson, Haven Cottage B&B, Rydal Road, Ambleside. LA22 9AY

The following criteria apply to each category (please note that you cannot enter more than one team in any single category e.g. 2 x Open Teams):

Ladies Team – all 8 ladies

Mixed Team – 4 men and 4 ladies in each team (but split across the 4 Legs any way you want).

Vets Team – all 8 runners (any mix of male or female) must be aged 40 or over on the day of the race

Open Team – errmmmm, anybody else !

If you have specific questions relating to Entries then you can get in touch with the Entries Secretary:

Chris Hodgson

E-mail info@chalet365.com

Tel 015394 33270

Mobile 07811 199125