Entries for this years 2018 race are now closed subject to Teams withdrawing. A full list of Teams competing can be found by clicking on the relevant list, and Clubs can Edit their entry (change team category, add leg runners etc) by using the Edit button.

Entries are limited to 70 teams, and we make no apology that there is a certain amount of vetting if we exceed this number (which has happened every year). Preference is given to Clubs that have historically supported the event but we do encourage, and accept, entries from other clubs. New Clubs should not try to enter more than one team as you will not be successful, but we do try and take at least one or two new Clubs each year. Priority will be given to Clubs, with proven fell experience, who have previously been unsuccessful in trying to enter the race.

Some clubs will receive quick notification if their entry has been successful, and all clubs will be notified shortly after the closing date of Friday 10th August 2018 (at the latest) if they have been successful and how many teams they have been allocated. No money will be taken in advance but will be taken automatically as soon as an Entry has been allocated.

Clubs who ran last year will usually (but not always) be given the same number of teams in the following years race. Do not enter additional teams as they will not be accepted and it just creates extra admin for the organisers. We do hold a ‘Waiting List’ so you may be offered a place late in the day if you think you can still get a team ready to run.

The entry fee has increased this year to £95 to absorb the cost of providing free car parking at Patterdale and using Sportident for online entry as well as result services. Both these changes make the event significantly easier to promote and by adding the costs to the entry we do not reduce the amount we can donate to the local community. We are very dependent on the support of the local community as they are on us. Please see our Community page for more information on the local charities we support.

Please note that once your entry has been accepted and your Entry Fee taken, these are not refundable, and as always any surplus race funds will be donated to the local Charities.

The following criteria apply to each team category (please note that you cannot enter more than one team in any single category e.g. 2 x Open Teams):

Ladies Team – all 8 ladies

Mixed Team – 4 men and 4 ladies in each team (can be split across the four legs in any way you want).

Vets Team – all 8 runners (any mix of male or female) must be aged 40 or over on the day of the race

Open Team – anybody else !

There is a minimum age limit of 18 yrs old apart from Leg 1 on which one 16 yr old may run providing their partner is over 18 yrs old. See the Event website for a full list of Race Rules

Teams will be required to enter their individual leg runners on-line via SPORTident by 8pm Thursday 4th October 2018.

If you have specific questions relating to entries then you can get in touch with the Entries Secretary:

Chris Hodgson

E-mail info@chalet365.com

Tel 015394 33270

Mobile 07811 199125

Good luck !