Please see the critical changes outlined in this document for revised route and last minute instructions.

Last Minute Route Changes 2017

If you are running in the Relay Race you should read the pages in this section, they include the Race Rules and other important information about the day of the race. If you are a Team Captain you MUST read these pages and brief your runners accordingly!




The Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay is run in accordance with FRA rules. Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that all their runners know the race Rules and abide by them.  Any runner failing to follow these rules will cause the disqualification of their Team….. there are no excuses.

  1. Minimum age of all competitors is 18 years on day of Relay. (Please note that on Leg 1 only one runner can be Under 18/Over 16 as long as their partner is over 21.)
  2. All runners must carry a compass and whistle as well as Waterproof full body cover (taped seams and attached hood), hat and gloves and emergency food.
  3. Each pair must provide a map and carry a map of the race route.
  4. Bumbags/kit/maps cannot be passed on at changeover.
  5. Kit checks will be carried out in accordance with FRA Rules.
  6. Parts of the competition are over dangerous ground and all competitors take part at their own risk.
  7. Runners must stay in pairs at all times. This means within close sight & hearing distance.
  8. It is the duty of all competitors to help any runner in need of assistance.
  9. It is against the spirit of the Relay for non-competitors to provide navigational assistance.
  10. Please observe the Country Code.
  11. Checkpoints are detailed on the Leg Routes page and each checkpoint must be visited by both runners. SPORTident timing is used and teams must dib in the recording box sited at each checkpoint. Runners must wear their race number on their chest and show it to marshals when asked – this is how we monitor the race.
  12. All Teams must consist of 8 different runners – no doubling up on different legs.